Cluey's mission is simple. We want to completely change how travellers find and learn about what the world has to offer.

The Problem

Right now, destination discovery relies on luck. A friend shares an incredible story, a photo from your social media feed blows you away, or a scene on TV moves you.

Turns out your friend traveled in Spring but your holiday is in Winter, you'd need to pack snow shoes in your luggage. Those Instagram posts you saw weren't #nofilter, they were #10Filters&Photoshop. That TV show based in Texas was actually filmed in Hawaii.

Now what?

Well you're in luck, you won't be short of potential suitors. The collective efforts of tourism boards, airlines and hotels sees over $413 billion spent each year convincing you their corner of the world is perfect for you.

But when have they ever stopped to ask, 'What do you want? Are we a good fit for each other? Is there someplace more compatible that might be closer, or cheaper?'

Unfortunately you're not left with much choice. Even the mighty Google can't help you out here. Ever tried searching "warm beach holiday 6 hours flight from me"? You're presented with a series of Top 10 to Top 50 lists written sometime in the last 5 years. It'd take a research team to figure out which destination suits you best.

Enter: Cluey

Cluey believes that for each person, for each trip, we have unique needs. We made Cluey so each traveller can express their individuality and be presented with actionable, practical, personalised information.

Cluey let's you explore our database of 4,500 unique locations worldwide with criteria such as
* Weather
* Activities (94 to choose from)
* Popularity
* Cost
* Safety
* Language
* Flight time
* LGBT attitudes
* Eco friendliness
* Air quality
and more.

We're committed to helping you find the most compatible destination for every trip. Whether it's a honeymoon, business trip detour, a once in a lifetime adventure, or some low-key downtime. Hopefully you have the time of your life somewhere you've never heard of before.

What are you waiting for? Jump in!

You can find us at - we're passionate about every user who takes the time to contact us. We're proud to say we respond to nearly every email!